This painting is by Robert Rauschenberg and I saw it in the Art Institute of Chicago. I thought this painting is interesting because it incorporates a variety of different tools and aspects of art. The background looks modern and like a photograph, while the woman looks like a figure from a painting of the Renaissance. … Continue reading

African Mask

When I went into the African Area at the Art Institute, there were many different pieces of tribal clothing and masks. This mask caught my attention. I think its very “in your face,” and you can’t help but be drawn to it. Its pretty large for a mask and the detailed beading and paint is … Continue reading

Armor Room

The armor room in the Art Institute of Chicago was really interesting to me. I love history,  so it was fascinating to see the actual different types of armor  that were used during the times of the  Renaissance. The piece to the left is Italian half armor  from about 1575 that was for the Foot Tourney at … Continue reading


This Self-Portrait is by Vincent Van Gogh, painted in 1887. I remember being taught about Van Gogh and seeing this portrait when I was very young in one of my elementary art classes. So, it was an exciting experience for me to see such a famous and memorable work for in my life, when I was … Continue reading