On October 14, as a class we took a trip to Chicago! This day was packed with many activities that needed to be completed, so once we arrived, a friend Jessica and I went off on our own to explore the art life of Chicago. First, we headed to the Art Institute of Chicago. This was a great experience and we saw such a great variety of art! After a quick stop for lucy at Potbelly’s, we headed to the Museum of Contemporary Photography. Although it did not contain a large amount of photography, it was interesting. We then visited Utrecht Art Supply, and went to various art galleries. We first stumbled across a PopUp gallery on Wabash which contained the artwork Cleveland Dean, Diane Huff, and Richard Shipps. We then were able to locate Robert Bills Contemporary gallery, in the basement of a building. This gallery contained the work of Nathan Vernau. Additionally, we visited the Thomas McCormick Gallery, and went to the Kavi Gupta gallery where Angel Otero’s work was located. Within the same building, is the Carrie Secrist Gallery where we saw Andrew Holmquist’s art. In addition, I went to Millennium Park where we saw “The Bean,” and Crown Fountain. Overall, it was a very interesting day. It was my first time visiting Chicago, so I was very excited for this experience. I feel like it enhanced me culturally and gave me a greater understanding and appreciation of art.


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