The first sketch on the left is a sketch of one of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ pieces. This piece was at the Art Institute of Chicago, and it is an interactive piece. It is a pile of candies in the corner and there is a sign inviting people to take a piece. There was a little girl … Continue reading


This picture was taken in the shoe section in Macy’s in Chicago. Once I had finished all of the requirements for the trip I had enough time to shop around the city. I went into Macy’s, and saw that there were 8 levels just in the one store. Once I got to the shoe section, … Continue reading


These pieces are from the Carrie Secrist Gallery, created by Andrew Homquist. I really liked the use of the really bright colors. Also, paint is one of my favorite mediums. I really appreciated the different brush strokes. In addition, it really interested me that the majority of the painting is unidentifiable as to what exactly … Continue reading

The City

As we walked around the city, I saw many different things that were interesting. For example, for some reason it didn’t occur to me that there would be parking underground, so it was so cool for me to see it. In Millennium park I also saw¬†The Jay Pritzker Pavilion. I thought the architecture was really … Continue reading