New and Interesting Artists

There were many new and exciting artists that I discovered while in Chicago. Here are 3 of my favorites:

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

I first saw Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ work in the Art Institute of Chicago. I was fascinated by  how appealing all of his work seemed to be to all of the senses. The majority of his work was very audience-centered, which I really loved as well. It was really interesting to me that he made his work so interactive. He used many common materials such as candies, and beaded curtains like I saw at the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as paper, light fixtures, and puzzles. Felix Gonzalez-Torres was born in Cuba in 1957, and grew up in Puerto Rico before he moved to New York. He died of AIDS in 1996. Additionally, much of his work was dedicated to or created in hopes of portraying and pleasing his lover, Ross. Gonzalez-Torres also displayed his art via billboards as shown in the image below.

Here are some links to view more of his artwork:

Cleveland Dean

I saw Cleveland Dean’s work in a PopUp Gallery as I was walking around downtown. I was really drawn to each of his pieces in a different way. He had a variety of different works. Some of his paintings were abstract and not very defined, more along the lines of paint blobs, drips and splatters. However, I thought they were very pretty and aesthetically pleasing; I really like the detail and the color combinations in these works. He also has many very different pieces that use words. The majority of these projects that portray sayings or words are inspirational or motivational in some way, and this was really interesting to me. I put up a picture of Dean’s work Can’t Hide  with my other photos from the trip. He really emphasizes being comfortable and loving oneself. I think this is a great message to send.

Additional links:

Robert Rauschenberg

I first saw Robert Rauschenberg’s work in the Art Institute of Chicago. I already showed one of his pieces with my other 30 images. His work interests me because I really like the collage aspect of his work. I like how he combines very different kinds of images and makes them into an interesting and related collage. Also i really like his use of bright colors, and some of his work is three-dimensional which helped to capture my attention. Rauschenberg was an American artist who was a painter and sculptor and is well-known for some of his pieces known as “Combines,” which combined the painting and sculpting with techniques such as photography, printmaking, and paper making. He hoped to combine art objects and everyday life. I really love this about his work.

Here are some additional links:


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