What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You

Thought Catalog


You love reading. You are a girl who reads. You likely post on your Tumblr about all the books you love, and all the tea you drink, and all the cats you identify with emotionally. No matter how full the town jock’s chest hair is — or how much he wants to get into your provincial French panties — you are not putting up with his misogynistic antics. You have read way too much feminist theory to deal with a guy who only likes you because you’re good-looking and don’t want him. You’ve got better things to do, such as read more books.


You are 7000% done with this society and your bullshit, gender-norm-obsessed father. You are ready to break out of this town and are willing to do pretty much anything to do it — even if it means following some guy who is objectively not that…

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