Electronic Art

This page is dedicated to all things ELECTRONIC ART:

Hybrid Project:

this project involved combining the microscopic and the macroscopic worlds. I chose to combine the microscopic world of neurons and the macroscopic plant world. I chose this because neurons fascinate me for many reasons. The lines and patterns within a group of neurons are interesting. In addition, neurons are incredibly important to all intelligent life because they control all bodily functions. As the animals with the most complex nervous systems, humans rely on their neurons to relay messages to and from the brain containing information varying from breathing and blinking commands to dancing, painting, or preforming an operation. When thinking about how important neurons are to animals, I began to think about forms of life that do not have nervous systems as we know them. What would it be like if plants, for example, had nervous systems like animals do.

Initially I planned on using a series of images to show how a plant would be different if it had a nervous system. My idea evolved throughout the project, to combining the two structures visually.

Image 1:

This was the first image I created for the Hybrid Project. I was on a limited time scale due to not receiving the images until the day before, and as a result, I did not really like this image and there were many things that I wanted to change.

I felt that this image was too large of a forest scene for the small amount of neurons I had, and it also looked very fake with the neuron images just placed on the plants.

Image 2:

This image was an attempt to recreate the same idea just at a smaller scale with larger more emphasized neurons.

I found this to be slightly more successful because I could see the neurons better and they were more emphasized, however, this still was not what I was looking for. So I began to experiment with another way of presenting my ideas.

Image 3:

I began to deal with a new concept with this image. Rather than displaying the whole forest image, I chose one plant and decided to deal with its specific relationship with the neurons. So, in this image, I overlaid neuron images over the image of the plant.

I liked this image, more but it still wasn’t a very cohesive image. It still looked like the neurons were just being laid over the plants, and didn’t really make sense.

Image 4:

This was my favorite image up to this point. It relates more to my original goal of combining plants with neurons that they do not posess.

This is the image that I have come to at this point. I am planning on working on this image more and seeing what I can do with the structure of plant veins in relationship to the structure of neurons.


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